Reach a global audience

We aim to lend you a local recognition with a global outreach. At Codea Digital, our team of experienced translators with linguistic expertise bring localisation to your doorstep.

With a network of native language speakers and editors, every piece of content is given a personal touch, breaking any language barriers across cultures. The result is a natural sounding and accurate text that allows you to communicate like a local brand.

Taking fluency, style, tone, grammar, jargons and culture trends into consideration, we create a communication model that allows you to build an international audience.

We offer our services in the following fields –

  • Website translation – Making your global website genuinely diverse in its outlook
  • Social media translation – posting and responding to comments in foreign languages
  • Technical translation – Taking your terminologies to individual users
  • Product translation – Building a market for your products across the world

Keeping you a step ahead in the world, we always deliver quality translations in all main languages like French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese and more.