Our Services

Creations that Amplify Your Brand

Codea Digital creates, designs and strategizes your brand outlook and shapes an environment that allows for easy recognition as well as recall.
Each of our services builds a unique appeal within your brand’s marketing scenario that work independently and integrate holistically.

We bring the following tools to your kit for them to make your brand future-ready –


Building the platform from scratch, our experts offer end-to-end website development for your e-learning project. Right from the landing pages, subscription model to website hosting, everything is taken care of under one roof. We can deliver e-learning modules in more than 30 languages, from German to Japanese.

We create custom e-learning modules, StoryLine, Adapt, Moodle and many other platforms and technologies.

Web design

We are mobile design specialists with a knack for bold and cutting-edge visuals. Working with your stakeholders, we create frameworks that are intuitive to use and call website visitors to action

Content Writing

Content is like salt to the marketing world, and we’re the chefs that use it just right. Experienced writers with specific niches turn your thoughts into words to make sure it incites the right emotions in the right audience.


Content is valuable only if it is noticed. We use proven SEO techniques and methods to bring more traffic to your website that in turn, drive a higher ROI. With on-page and off-page SEO, content marketing, backlinks and much more, we create unparalleled visibility through better Google rankings.


Connect with your audience in global markets by speaking the local language. We translate all kinds of content right from your business propositions to your marketing material, leaving a lasting impact.

Web Development

To help you bank on this reality, Codea Digital works as a comprehensive web development agency, creating websites, portals and applications that turn your company into a brand